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Viking SCADA provides your independent Oil & Gas software operators with a simple to understand and use application from your smartphone that delivers you near instantaneous field data, reports and alerts so that you or your pumper can respond as needed instead of driving to each field site every day.

The Viking SCADA VS1

The Viking SCADA Xtend Module


Modernize your Oil and Gas SCADA System without having to replace it.

Based in Oklahoma, Viking SCADA has been manufacturing quality Oil and Gas SCADA devices for the oilfield, water and other industries for more than 15 years. Today, we manufacture Viking SCADA units with 4G (fourth generation) technology. 

Our scada oil and gas software units have been proven to be the product of choice of cost-conscious customers that require the utmost in reliability and ease-of-use.

Viking SCADA was founded in 2017 to develop technology solutions that measure, analyze, and predict critical operational data for the next generation of business. 982,000 oil and gas wells are currently active today. Independent operators comprise 91% of the wells, producing 83% of oil. 9 of 10 firms have no collaborative IoT data solution.

Viking SCADA customers typically see a 25% increase in production revenue. It’s not magic, its reliable data leading to informed decisions.


Viking SCADA uses Wireless modules that enable our Flow Computers and RTUs to control, monitor and communicate over a secure wireless network across the upstream and midstream markets.
Our wireless solution eliminates wiring and trenching requirements, reducing the time and people required to get up and running.


Designed and built for industrial applications that require a primary off-grid power source.


Viking SCADA provides an automated system of collecting, archiving, analyzing, presenting, reporting and sharing data from collection system remote assets such as flow meters, rain gauges, CSO/SSO surcharge sensors, lift stations, pretreatment water quality, air quality, and pressure sensors.


Our wireless pump controllers are designed with hi quality long range wireless radios to control all styles of irrigation systems (i.e. Reinke, Valley, Zimmatic, T & L, etc)and many other applications that want to eliminate the trenching.


Viking SCADA employs a proprietary system to more efficiently manage the wastewater treatment system. In addition to monitoring and control from the onsite control panels, we provide real-time monitoring and control through the use of a portable pad, onsite, or remotely via the internet.

Why Viking SCADA?

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is an application where a network of devices uses sensors and control outputs to receive data about a system in order to control that system. You can use SCADA applications to manage many different types of equipment. State and municipalities often use SCADA devices to monitor and regulate water flow, reservoir levels, pipe pressure and other factors of their water utility system.


Advanced Engineering

Viking SCADA offers the most advanced engineering capabilities for your business.



Viking SCADA will provide you with the best technology without breaking the bank.


Quality, Reliability & Experience

Viking SCADA has many years of experience in the field working to bring you reliability. 


Customer Service

If something were to go wrong with your system, we are here for you.

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

See what Viking SCADA can do for your business and schedule a product demonstration. 

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