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Introducing the Viking Scada VS1 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), a versatile and dependable long range wireless device designed to communicate with and control various remote field devices in industrial automation systems.The VS1 contains a powerful 1 Watt 900MHz license free radio that typically will provide a range of several miles with small antennas, and 10-15 miles with suitable antennas. With its user-friendly configuration using 10 DIP switches, the Viking Scada VS1 RTU offers a range of functionalities suitable for diverse applications, with no pc or programming required.


The system consists of a master and 1 to 16 slave devices, physically they are identical.


For configuration the first four DIP switches are used to set the unit ID or, if it acts as a master, to specify the number of slave units it communicates with. The next five switches allow the selection of one of the 26 available radio channels for seamless communication between devices, so multiple separate systems may operate without interfering with each other. The final DIP switch determines whether the Viking Scada VS1 functions as a master or a slave unit within the network.


The RTU is equipped with two relays that have normally open and normally closed connections, providing flexibility in controlling various devices. Additionally, it features two digital inputs for receiving signals from switches or other equipment. At the master digital input 1 always operates relay 1, and digital input 2 always operates relay 2 on all the slaves.The master unit relays are driven by the digital inputs on slave unit 1. Status LED’s on all units indicate the state of all inputs and relays. 


The Viking Scada VS1 RTU has a status light and a polling light, providing users with real-time visual feedback on system performance and communication status. For power supply flexibility, the unit can be powered using a wide range of input power options, from 85 - 277 VAC and 10 - 30 VDC.

Designed for easy installation, the Viking Scada VS1 RTU is DIN rail mountable, allowing for efficient and secure mounting in industrial settings. In the event of communication loss for over 120 seconds, all units enter a comm fail status, and the relays will open to ensure system safety.


The Viking Scada Xtend Module (“VS”) is a long range wireless communication module designed for many industrial applications. It operates on the 902.125 - 928.125 MHz frequency band at a power of 1 Watt, and does not require a license for operation.The module is designed with a 20 pin connection making it a possible direct plug in replacement for the obsolete Digi or Maxstream XT09-SI module. Using proprietary transmission techniques it typically provides a communication range much greater than the Digi modules.


Note there are several differences between the VS module and Digi XT09-SI Module:


1. Baud rates supported. The VS module has a fixed baud rate of 9600. The Digi ​​module supports many baud rates, so the application must be set to 9600 to use the ​VS modules.

2. RF protocol. Digi modules use spread spectrum technology, VS uses Lora ​technology so Digi modules cannot communicate with VS modules. All ​​modules in a system must be VS.

3. RF channels. Digi modules support ten channels, VS modules 27 channels. ​Since the Digi channel is set by a serial configuration command the number ​of channels are limited to ten. To allow full use of all channels on the VS ​modules the channel is set not by serial commands but by connecting via ​WiFi (using your phone) to the VS module and choosing the desired channel. ​The VS module provides its own WiFi network to allow configuration - it does ​not need access to another network or the internet. This configuration only ​has to be done once for each module.

4. Range. The VS modules have a much longer range than the Digi modules ​using similar antennas, so applications may be possible that were not feasible ​using Digi modules.

5. Polling time. At 9600 baud Digi modules typically can poll at about 200mS; ​the VS modules take about 700mS so polling rates may need to slowed down ​slightly by the application. 

6. Antenna connector. The VS and Digi modules have reversed pin polarity on ​the antenna connection, so a small adapter may be required when replacing ​a Digi module with a VS module using existing antenna connectors.



The VS Module is designed with a compact form factor, measuring just 62mm x 37mm, the same as the Digi modules. It is pin compatible with the Digi module and operates on the same supply Voltage of 5 VDC. This makes it easy to integrate into a variety of IoT devices and systems.


Overall, the combination of long-range communication and Wi-Fi connectivity makes the VS Module a powerful and versatile solution for a wide range of IoT applications and can be used where long-range, low-power communication is required.

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